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São Bernardo do Campo

The name São Bernardo has its origin in the Benedictine’s farm, where there was a chapel which had been erected in honor of the saint, and around which a village was founded in 1717. A large number of travelers – Portuguese, Indians and slaves – used to go past the village in order to take their merchandise to the harbor located in Santos.

Since the village sprawled over the lands which belonged to the Benedictines, its inhabitants moved to the places where the Igreja Matriz is located, on Rua Marechal Deodoro

In 1877, a colony was founded on the expropriated land of the Benedictine’s farm, and fifteen other colonies were created, which originated the neighborhoods one can find in São Bernardo do Campo nowadays.

At the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century, a lot of immigrants, mainly from Italy, helped to increase the mixture of races.

Large crop fields and woods were devastated so that roads could be built. Sawmills gradually became part of the scenery and contributed to the development of the furniture industry which stands out in the city nowadays.

São Bernardo do Campo has about 900.000 inhabitants and it is also famous for its automobile industry, for its typical food and also for the first cinematographic company in Brazil, the so-called “ Vera Cruz”.

The city is located in the southwest Metropolitan region of São Paulo and belongs to the famous greater ABC region. Border cities are São Vicente, Cubatão, Santo André, São Caetano do Sul, Diadema and São Paulo.

The climate is rather humid and temperatures range from 15˚C to 24˚C

Parque Estoril: an exuberant resort where tourists can find a zoo with 220 animals (70 species of the Brazilian fauna), some of which threatened with extinction.

Parque Cidade de São Bernardo - Raphael Lazzuri: situated in the central part of the city, where fairs and sports events take place throughout the year.

Parque Engenheiro Salvador Arena: tourists will be delighted at the biggest fish exhibition in the country and at the “Teatro de arena”. All the information about the equipment in the park is available in braille.

Parque cidade-Escola da Juventude Cittá Di Maróstica: located opposite the city hall, the park offers extreme sports of several kinds.

Shopping Metrópole: The shopping mall offers different kinds of stores, movie theaters and a large food outlet.

Rota dos restaurantes: the route has more than fifteen restaurants fashioned around Italy, where more than 25,000 people have typical food on weekends

The theaters in São Bernardo do Campo are located as follows:

  • Auditório Dr. Attílio Zóboli (CENFORPE)
Avenida Dom Jaime de Barros Câmara, 201 (Km 20,5 Via Anchieta) - Bairro Planalto
Telefone: 43991104

  • Teatro Abílio Pereira De Almeida
Praça Cônego Lázaro Equini, 240 - Baeta Neves
Telefone: 41250582

  • Teatro Cacilda Becker
Praça Samuel Sabatini - Paço Municipal
Telefone: 43481081

  • Teatro Elis Regina
Avenida João Firmino, 900 - Bairro Assunção
Telefone: 43513479

  • Teatro Lauro Gomes
Rua Helena Jacquey, 171 - Rudge Ramos
Telefone: 43683483

  • Teatro Martins Pena
Praça Marquês de Alegrette, 44 - Vila Gonçalves
Telefone: 41237891

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