Compreendendo a internacionalização da educação superior

Luciane Stallivieri


Institutions of higher education, which are developing internationalization processes, have been investing heavily in the qualification of their faculty and students, providing them opportunities to join international programs in partner institutions abroad. The concepts that underpin these activities, the reasons and motivations that are leading institutions of higher education to join such processes, benefits, trends, risks, and challenges are fundamental to the understanding of this issue. Based on some of the most prominent researchers of internationalization (ALTBACH, 2007; DE WIT, 2004; RUDZKI, 1998; KNIGHT, 2005; VAN DER WENDE, 1996; SEBASTIÁN, 2004; STALLIVIERI, 2016) this article intends to highlight some of the concepts studied. It also aims to help institutional leaders when opting for the internationalization of their structures, emphasizing the necessity of investments and support demanded for satisfactory results.


internationalization; higher education institutions; international cooperation.

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