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por Emery Leichhardt (28-07-2018)

Your first experience at KidZania Delhi
There is a first time for everything. From your birth till the death a person will experience different things, surroundings, atmosphere, people, cities and much more for the first time. You may be heard about a quote which you can remember for a while is that "The First Impression is the Best Impression". So, what you can experience for the first time at KidZania, the global indoor theme park in Delhi? Here are some of the key points which you could experience as the first timer at KidZania Delhi.
Experience the High Standard Educational Value at KidZania
Education is the key aspect which decides the future of your children and you know that the education has the power to change the future of the world. At KidZania, we believe that we can help promote, change, inspire global citizenship and build strong community awareness among our children. Your kid can experience the high standard of education which is engaging, didactic and most importantly, fun. By providing a fun and learning experience, the children can go deeper to know more which helps to make a positive impact on society.
Experience 100’s of Role-Playing Activities for Kids at KidZania
By combining the reality with entertainment, children can able to understand and manage their surrounding and the world quite easily. For the purpose, KidZania Delhi offers hundreds of role-playing activities for kids to try and know more about their future profession. Through adult professions and hands-on exposure to the working world, kids can understand and learn more about the fundamentals of financial literacy and the functions of society.
With the help of real-time role-playing activities as a profession, kids can able to learn the value of independence, empowerment, and leadership and understands the benefits of involvement in their community.
Experience the Fun-Filled Activities with the Best Adventure Theme Park in Delhi
KidZania not only offers the valuable education to mold the children with better qualities to shine in their future profession. It also offers fun-filled activities for the kids and families to enjoy learning along with the entertainment. The indoor adventure theme park in Delhi at KidZania consists of the variety of adventurous and water rides to make your day even more comfortable. You can experience the world-class theme park rides in Delhi at KidZania to enjoy with your children at vacation plans.
Experience the Global Standard Safety and Security at KidZania
The kids fun park in Delhi, KidZania offers high standard safety and security features and it is considered as a paramount aspect for us. KidZania has more than 18 years of experience in running safe and secure entertainment theme parks across 19 countries. With RFID security bracelets for both child and accompanying adult, controlled access, highly trained team, Control room and CCTV cameras, you can experience the highest global standards of safety and security aspect at KidZania.
Experience the High Standard Global Theme Park with Reasonable Ticket Prices
With hundreds of kids activities, the indoor theme park in Delhi, high standard of safety and security aspects, KidZania will be the perfect indoor city for your vacation plans. With over 100’s of role-play activities and more than 65 establishments, your day at KidZania Delhi will be filled with learning and fun places for kids experience. At KidZania, we have created multiple ticket options according to all your needs which include time, budget and many others. The operational hours will be from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm every day (timing subject to change) with multiple ticket options to choose from.
So, planning to visit Delhi? Feel and experience the perfect activities to make your day more enjoyable at KidZania Delhi.

100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof - Kidzania Mumbai
Everyone in this world has a strong belief that education paves the way for a bright and successful future. As the parents, we should understand the reality and offer quite good and standard education to our children. With those thoughts, KidZania started its journey in providing global standard education which is blended with reality and entertainment. KidZania Mumbai, the global indoor city offering 100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof to make children understand and manage their world. Before starting with the activities for kids, we can just know a brief about role-playing
What is Role-playing?
Role-playing is the changing of one’s behavior to assume as other person or their role to understand in deep about that character or the role. The joy of role-playing is that your children can imagine and become themselves like anyone they wish to be. With the help of role-playing, the children can understand in deep about the role and the real happenings with their surroundings.
KidZania Mumbai offers hundreds of professional role-playing activities for kids to try out the profession they like. With the help of those real-time professional role-playing, the kids can learn more about the value of independence, leadership, and empowerment and become aware of the benefits involved. It also helps them to understand and manage the world as the professional in the world they are growing into.
The Importance of Roleplay
The role-playing activities help to develop and build the kid’s self-esteem and importantly, it helps them to learn who they actually are. When children engage in role-playing, it helps them to develop problem-solving skills, leadership, the way of thinking, and also helps them to develop social-emotional growth and feelings of empathy.
When encouraging opportunities for children to role-play, they can able to live their life as the professional which they love to be in their future. Through adult professions and hands-on exposure to the working world, kids learn more about the fundamentals of financial literacy and the functions of society.
The Benefits of Role Play in Early Years
Role-playing is one of the important aspects of child development and, in the early stages, it helps them to know more about the real world and happenings around them. Role Play in early years has numerous benefits such as
• It helps to develop problem-solving skills.
• Develops communication and language skills.
• Encourages children to express their ideas and creative thinking to find a perfect solution.
• Helps to understand the role of a character and the importance of that profession.
• It helps to develop awareness of themselves and others.
• They can able to manage their financial needs according to their requirements.
• Helps to learn more about the different culture.
• Helps to develop their decision-making skills with their own ideas.
Role-Playing Activities for kids at KidZania Mumbai
By understanding the importance of role-playing, KidZania Mumbai offers hundreds of role-play activities for kids under one roof. The different role-play activities offered by KidZania which includes the professions such as actors, police officers, bank employees, doctor, nurse, teacher, pilot, firefighter, lawyer and many others.
By offering a powerful developmental experience in which reality and entertainment intersect, KidZania empowers children life skills which help them to manage the world they are growing into.