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lake toba tour package

por medan travel (08-05-2019)

First we will visit medan lake toba tour package which is a village with another name Hutalagan which means the village of Lagan which is taken from the name of a king, King Siallagan. Here we can find medan travel agency consisting of chairs and tables made of stone. The venue is used to try criminals by traditional elders. Not far from medan tour package there is also a place of death penalty.

and you can do shopping best travel agent in medan with local specialties. Check-in hotel in Samosir. After breakfast, check-out of the hotel and return to Parapat. lake toba tour package for Lake Toba Berastagi Medan 5 Days 4 Nights is continued to the highlands of the Karo Land, which is cool, namely the city of Berastagi. the medan lake toba tour package is made of stone.

There are also travel agency in medan houses lined up and are houses of King Siallagan and his family. In this place you will also be invited to dance with a typical dance from best travel agent in medan, Tor Tor. Lake Toba Berastagi Tourism Package Medan 5 Days 4 Nights, after lunch the tour continues to visit Tomok village with travel agency in medan of years old King Sidabutar Tomb site.