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Professional camera security monitoring in Hanoi with dedicated enthusiastic monitoring team

por Brett Gosling (04-06-2019)

AEON Delight Vietnam camera security monitoring service is a service that allows you, wherever you are, to be able to monitor and operate current and past images at camera installation locations, through The application is installed on the computer, phone, tablet via internet / 3G / 4G environment (easy to use application just drag the time bar you can review the image at any time).

In addition to the features that help you Look at the image at the installation site, especially the Service also helps to make timely alerts according to pre-established situations.

Service of AEON Delight Vietnam solves all kinds of IP cameras according to ONVIF standard on the market.

You can watch and review videos conveniently using the web interface on the computer, applied to be installed on the phone or tablet.
Professional camera security monitoring in HCMC.

Professional camera security monitoring in HCMC.
Service of security surveillance cameras of AEON Delight Vietnam to meet customer needs:

Need a safe, affordable camera security monitoring.
Need to monitor the giam sat an ninh camera anytime, anywhere, on any advanced technical means (laptop, tablet, smartphone, ...).
Need to store and extract camera images to ensure in all situations, at all times.
Need a multi-year security monitoring service, be alerted and supported when there are security incidents.

Deployment methods provide camera security monitoring

Having customers without cameras, GAEON Delight Vietnam will advise on optimal solutions, supply and install cameras and auxiliary equipment, build internal systems to help you monitor and operate by yourself or from the system. Internal system to connect to the operating operating center of AEON Delight Vietnam to supervise and protect with time depending on the package you register.

There are customers who have equipment camera system, images stored on the receiver, recorder, data may be unstable, difficult to manipulate when reviewing images in the past. The unit will provide data concentration measures, connecting to the management center of AEON Delight Vietnam. Customers can self-monitor to ensure security, or AEON Delight Vietnam supports supervision and protection with arbitrary time according to each package.

The data is stored at the executive operating center, AEON Delight Vietnam is committed to ensuring privacy and security for customers.
Benefits of AEON Delight Vietnam's multi-year surveillance camera service

Providing high quality cameras, supporting the integration of customers' existing camera systems into AEON Delight Vietnam's Security Monitoring Services system.
Centralized storage: Your data is stored centrally at AEON Delight Vietnam Data Center, always ensuring data safety in all situations, all the time plus associates 24/7 support of departments study with high skills.
Provide professional monitoring software, many features based on search platform, image separation, full support on computers, tablets, smart phones.
Customers are supported by AEON Delight Vietnam with good security monitoring of 24 × 7 but always ensure customer privacy.
link to security team: are many years of protection units, police and fire protection teams.
The security camera monitoring room is supported by the whole device to monitor such as warning devices, alarms, ... according to each force of the customer.
Reasonable price range with many flexible packages as required by customers.