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How do Businesses Buy IT Asset Management Software

por Son Gates (25-09-2018)

Poker88 - In almost all organizations, deployment of IT technologies is quite commonplace these days. Companies belonging to sectors like retail, hospitality, media, telecommunication and insurance- all are using myriads of IT technologies in their operations. Consequently, these entities need to use different types of IT assets including networking peripherals, Hardware devices, software solutions etc. Using and managing these IT assets is not simple in a business setup and with time, the complexity only goes up. To ensure the plethora of IT assets can be run without hassles and organizational goals can be met, the companies use IT Asset Management Software. These software solutions can be useful in tracking the assets, maintaining sync between them, analyzing problems and automating parts of operations etc.

Selecting the right ITAM solutions

There are several IT asset management applications that can be chosen for your company but you need to know the ways to asses and pick the apt one. You need to know the vital parameters to assess available ITAM applications and zero in on the most suitable one. Listed below are the things you should check and analyze to buy the right software for the venture.

Analysis of existing and future IT assets- Before investing in a solution to manage the IT assets of your company, analyzing the usage needs is important. Not all companies have to use same types of IT assets. However, future asset usage needs have to be taken into account too. If you have no plans to use extensive networking components and technologies in your organization, investing in software that has robust support for such devices does not make sense.

Checking loopholes in existing software- If your company has an IT asset management solution, and you want a better one to replace it, analyzing loopholes of the existing solution is necessary. The new software should have the features missing in the predecessor.

Checking the security aspect is important- In any company, ITAM software is used by many employees. The software is linked with database and other software of the Company. Hence the users accessing the software should have proper access. Safety of data cannot be overlooked in this regard. To ensure security of users, present generation ITAM solutions have password protection. However, in an era where data theft and security breaches are common, you should look for software with additional safety measures. Apart from multi step authentication, such software may also have option for biometrics based access.

Selecting the right type of software-You need to decide what type of ITAM solutions should be ideal in your company. Earlier, on premise software that had to be installed in individual PCs was in vogue. However, the shift to cloud based SaaS solutions has increased in recent years. The latter is better when you have no desire to cope with hassles related with on premise software, licensing etc.

Mobile device compatibility is important- In most companies, the adoption of mobile web access devices has gone up. The employees use such devices along with typical computers for various operations. So, the ITAM solution must be suitable for mobile devices.

Support for various OS and platforms- It is not likely that all the PCs and mobile devices used in your company will be running on same OS and platform. In fact, the finding the opposite is more commonplace. Some of the computers may run on the latest versions of Windows OS while a few may run on Windows server class operating systems. Some PCs may also be running on Linux. Mobile devices based on different platforms are also used in business setups. The ITAM tool should be capable of supporting all these devices and computers running various OSes.

Compatibility with all IT assets- The tool chosen for managing IT assets in your company must be compatible with those assets! These include the myriads of hardware peripherals like monitors, Poker88 printers, laptops, networking cables, devices like routers, LAN card, Software including database, accounting solutions, security service etc. The numerous cloud based services are also part of IT assets. Unless the software is compatible with such assets, making inventory and checking status will not be easy.

Support for varying protocols/standards- The various IT assets (most hardware and networking related ones) have different standards and protocols. There are different standards for USB devices and same can be said about networking products. There are varying standards for wifi and Bluetooth, as it is. Some companies still deploy a number of legacy hardware devices. The ITAM tools you must support all these standards and protocols. Otherwise, usage experience will not be good.

Scheduling feature is a must have- The workforce in your venture will use the ITAM tool from time to time to check status of the assets. However, it would not be practical to rely only on human skills in this regard. It is prudent that you buy a tool that has automated scheduled checkup feature inbuilt. This way the tool will automatically run scans for vulnerability of the various IT assets. You will be able to get updates and evade snags and problems related to those assets.

Alert feature is necessary too- The ITAM software should be laden with inbuilt alert feature. If the software finds anything amiss in any of the assets, it will alert the users. This can be an impending hardware failure or conflict between software solutions that are linked. It can also sense if unauthorized access is made to company database, for example. The software should be capable of generating notifications/alerts in form of messages and emails.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis- The ITAM solution should be equipped with report generating features. You will need to create reports on various types of IT assets and by analyzing those you will figure out their status and need for replacement etc. There should be parameters to generate various types of reports in the tool.

Ease of usage is crucial- The software used to manage IT assets in the company must be easy to set up and use. If the tool has a complex UI and navigation is tough the employees will face hassles in operating it and workflow will be affected adversely for sure. A fluid, customizable user interface and easy learning curve are prerequisites for such applications. Support for many languages will be a boon.

Type of support provided- You need to check type and extent of support services offered by the software vendor. Most ITAM tool makers offer phone, email based support while some also bundle in chat support and social media support. You should clarify these aspects before investing in the solution.

Training and guidelines- The vendor selling an ITAM tool usually provides the required training materials and usage guidelines to the buyers. While printed documentation is what most vendors bundle in, some may also offer electronic guides in form of PDF and optical media.

Reviews can be helpful- You would want to read reviews of the popular and widely used ITAM tools before selecting the one for your business needs. You should actually compare the software solution online, price and feature wise to take the right decision.