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por Dorthea Gratwick (17-08-2018)

Nintendo 3DS - 3D Games Without the Need For Special Glasses
Do you remember those old instances when you accustomed to play Mario, Zelda, F-Zero, WWF on the old console game? I'm referring to the 16-bit Nintendo system that later was upgraded on the new 32-bit Super Nintendo. Yeah, those were the excellent old times, when there was clearly one leading innovative company that released new and great games for the market over and over, these folks were called Nintendo.As the years went by and technology progressed I must admit I haven't heard a great deal about Nintendo and didn't be aware of if they remain and manufacture games and consoles. Everyone were too busy reading leading to and taking sides inside the Microsoft VS. Sony war so it was always the XBOX VS. the PS 2, then a XBOX360 VS. the PS 3. Well you know what, when two fight another one grabs the victory and they are here - Nintendo is back along with gentlemen using new portable device, the Nintendo 3DS.So what is it really? Every time it suited you to take a casino game together with you outside whether on a holiday or just when you were out you'd the Game Boy previously and these days the PS portable device. Now it's Nintendo time because this is no ordinary portable device, it's got one special feature that knocks all its competitors down this also feature permits you to play all games in 3D without wearing any special glasses. You heard me, 3D without glasses and delay pills work!So now imagine it to yourself. You or your kids playing the Nintendo 3DS only their games are in real 3D the same as in TV technology today and there is no need to get any glasses, it works, it's real, it's here now, more vivid then ever. So while Microsoft and Sony were busy fighting their unique war, the Nintendo guys worked long and hard to build up this phenomenal technology yet again it's out, all of us can engage in it. It is the first-time games could be played in 3D technology and there is no requirement of glasses, how amazing is that? Truly is.Here are just many of the great benefits with this new Nintendo 3DS Video device:1) Nintendo 3DS provides a new way to play, 3D without the requirement of special glasses.2) Connect to a deeper wireless knowledge about SpotPass??? and StreetPass???, providing you with more exclusive content and connecting you with Nintendo 3DS users.3) Play 3D games and take 3D pictures with Nintendo 3DS.4) Complete with an adjustable stylus, 6 AR cards, and fun built-in software for example Face Raiders???, Nintendo 3DS Sound, and the Mii Maker??? application.5) The 3D Depth Slider lets your figure out how much 3D you would like to see.6) Every Nintendo 3DS system comes packed with a 2 GB SD storage device.7) With the Circle Pad, located above the + Control Pad, Nintendo 3DS offers full analog control in 3D game worlds. Combined with the touchscreen, traditional buttons, camera and microphone input, and advanced motion control over the Motion Sensor and Gyro Sensor, the possible is extraordinary.And many more new features to Gogy enjoy in this portable device.So now you realize you will find there's different and a wonderful method to enjoy games today when you're at home or out, feeling the globe in 3D, capturing in 3D, playing against other Nintendo 3DS users in 3D and more. This is the new and revolutionary realm of console games and after a period of development and improvements, Nintendo has finally launched its console crown system.Take care and I'll help you in 3D!