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The Fat Decimator Review

por Sumaiya Afiz (19-02-2019)

First off: Chronic stress (aka. sympathetic overload, aka "fight or flight" mode) equals 1) The Fat Decimator constant adrenal gland activation and 2) elevated levels of cortisol, and other stress hormones.Cortisol-a hormone that causes glucose (sugar) to be released from your body's tissues in an attempt to fuel your fight or flight decision (including breaking down muscle tissue to make glucose). In response to the rise in glucose (remember, if there wasn't an actual emergency, the sugar doesn't get used to fight or flee), your body releases insulin.Insulin-A storage hormone which will stow any excess carbohydrate as fat for later use. Worse, it tells your body not to release fat for the same reason. Constantly being washed with insulin, you develop "insulin resistance". Over time, for more glucose, this will lead to a breakdown of muscle to create more glucose, so you're losing muscle (lower metabolism) and gaining fat. This is also why high sugar and/or high carbohydrate diets promote fat storage as they stimulate insulin release due to the presence of glucose from those foods. Oddly, some say artificial sweeteners do the same: The tongue tastes sweet, so the brain tells the pancreas that sugar is coming so release some insulin to deal with it. Sugar never comes, insulin stores something else. Not to mention, the presence of excess insulin causes low blood sugar, so you start to crave carbohydrates as a result.