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Profolan Review

por Wilson Vicky (26-02-2019)

Hair loss is a condition experienced by millions and even billions of people, Profolan Review both men and women. The cause of this condition is not created equal but the feelings of dealing with this condition can be shared among many. The experience can be extremely detrimental to a persons self-esteem and can affect many aspects of their life - affecting their social and personal life, their career and ultimately the ins and outs of their everyday routine. For a woman, it can be an internal struggle they are constantly dealing with every day. There are so many societal and social norms that connect femininity with full, thick and lustrous hair. When a woman has no control over this part of her life, it is extremely difficult to cope with. Since baldness is more typically associated as a male condition, a woman experiencing this condition is often perceived as ill - when the cause can simply just be female pattern baldness, or genetic hair loss. For women, the hair is lost in a diffuse pattern, this is different from the way men experience the condition, where usually, the hair is lost at the temples and top of the head, and what is left is a ring of hair along the back of the scalp. For women, typically the hair loss is all over the scalp, lost in a diffuse pattern instead of the typical pattern experienced by a man. For a man, this condition can take a hit to their ego and self-esteem as well.