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Botanic InformationJatropha gossypiifolia Linneus can be a Euphorbiaceae plant popularly identified worldwide as "bellyache bush" or "black physicnut". It's a pantropical species originating from South America which is cultivated in tropical countries throughout the world [202].

In Brazil, it's recognized by several well known names as well as the most common are "pinh o-roxo," "pi o-roxo," "pe o-roxo," a a a "batata-de-teu," "erva-purgante," "jalap o," "mamoninha," a "raiz-de-tei," "pe o-curador," "pe o-paj" "pi o-caboclo," u a a e a and "pi o-preto," among others [5, eight, 23].

You can find also the a following vernacular names for J. gossypiifolia "frailecillo," "frailejn," "purga de fraile" (Col^ mbia); "frailecillo" (Costa o o Rica); "frailecillo," "San Juan Del Cabre," "tata," "tuba u u e tuba" (Cuba); "baga" (Malinket Dioula); "higuereta cimarrona," "tata" (Puerto Rico); "tata" (Santo u u u uEvidence-Based Complementary and Option AMG 900chemical information Medicine(a)(b)Figure 1 Jatropha gossypiifolia L.

(a) aerial components of plant. (b) flowers detail. Photography by Juliana F ix-Silva. eDomingo); "frailecillo," "sibidigua," "tuatu" (Venezuela); a "pignut," "fignut," "lapalapa," "binidasugu," "oluluidi," "botuje red," "botuge pupa" (Nigeria); "athalai," "lal bherenda" (India); "parroty grass" (Nicaragua); "babatidjin" (Africa); "pi on," "pi on-colorado," "pi on negro," "pi on-rojo," nn nn ` "purga de huane" (Spanish); "herbe a mal de ventre," "medicinier cathartique," "medicinier sauvage" (French); "bellyachebuhs," "bellyache bush," "bellyache nettlespurge," ", PubMed website .nih.govpubmed), Science Direct website Scopus website Lilacs (, Scielo website phpindex.php), Internet of Expertise (, plus the Brazilian database of thesis and dissertations "Dom io Pblico" website u The study database incorporated original articles, theses, books, and also other reports that preferentially had been judged for academic good quality (peer-reviewed), covering several elements from the vegetal species (botany, phytochemistry, conventional makes use of, pharmacology, or toxicology), dating from 1967 (1st scientific report) to November 2013, without language restriction. The search tactic was constructed depending on the scientific name, synonyms, and most important popular names with the species identified by the botanical databases "Flora do Brasil" (, Tropicos website The Plant List (http website and NCBI Taxonomy Browser (http website The search tactic contained the mixture on the following terms "Jatropha gossypiifolia" OR "Jatropha gossypifolia" OR "Jatropha gossipyifolia" OR "Manihot gossypiifolia" OR "Adenoropium gossypiifolium" OR "Adenoropium elegans" OR "Jatropha elegans" OR "Jatropha staphysagriifolia" OR "pinh o roxo" a OR "pinh o-roxo" OR "pi o roxo" OR "pi o-roxo" OR "pe oa a a a roxo" OR "pe o roxo" OR "batata-de-teu" OR "bata de teu" a OR "erva-purgante" OR "erva purgante" OR "jalap o" Or a "mamoninha" OR "raiz-de-tei" OR "raiz de tei" OR "pe ou u a curador" OR "pe o curador" OR "pe o-paj OR "pe o paj a a e a e OR "pi o-caboclo" OR "pi o caboclo" OR "black physicnut" a a OR "bellyache bush".