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Seabury remained in America, as did most Loyalists. Indeed, he became the first Episcopal bishop in America. From the Loyalist perspective in 1775, the Loyalists were the honourable ones who stood by the Crown and the British Empire. Arbus work is often uncomfortable to look at, as it seems to exploit the subject with the object of making the viewer of the work collusive in looking at the final image. Arbus pushed the boundaries of portraiture and documentary photography and is one of the few artistic women photographers who have made images that have become iconic. Arbus committed suicide in 1971 after a bout of depression.

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I mean, come on. The Chinese stealing military tech secrets and blatantly copying them is well known, and TBF, many nations would too but to still pretend that they developed it all on their own is just bogus. They went for canard delta for a stealth platform is probably the most innovative part of J 20 and the most daring.

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The key to playing this game is resource management. It all about how you use the monarch points keeping up in technology, expanding your ideas groups, developing your provinces for institutions. It also about weaving a web of diplomacy loyal allies to deter threats, attacking allies of enemies to isolate them from their larger allies.

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