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Four Chocolate Trends that Will Dominate in 2017

por Leonora Guillory (14-03-2019)

Each year, the world of confectionery goes through different trends that will change and influence the taste of all of your favourite scrumptious treats for the next 12 months and possibly beyond. This year, popular American corporation Cargill have made bold predictions for their upcoming chocolate trends. 2017 looks set to be an intriguing year that continues along the current trends of organic, healthier and responsibly sourced confectionery.

<b>These are the angles that will be dominating the chocolate industry this year:</b>


A continued trend from last year, all confectioners will have noted the increase in demand for <a href=''>Travel SEO</a> <a href="">premium chocolate</a> and how anything with a label with `gourmet´, `artisan´ or `homemade´ will fly off the shelves.

Many industries are seeing a boom in artisan products, which is something that many sweet manufacturers are now capitalising on where they are also highlighting the origin and provenance of ingredients. This demand for premium, delicious and pure treats looks set to continue for 2017, and well beyond.

Sustainable s chocolate trends 2017 prove to be correct. It is easy to see this happening, as modern consumers increasingly show an interest in crucial aspects such as origin, provenance, ethics and healthy eating. Many manufacturers have anticipated this and are now introducing new products that tick all of the boxes whilst still creating a delicious snack.