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Veterinary Compounding

por Janice Stallings (15-03-2019)

Hey folks, today I am coming up with another interesting article about the Veterinary Compounding. We are always curious to know how to feed and medicate pets with care. Veterinary compounding provides customized solution to the people who want to add flavor to their pet´s medication or transform medication from solid to liquid.

<strong><u>What is Veterinary Compounding?</u></strong>

Veterinary Compounding is a mixture of drugs in proper proportion as labeled on drug to medicate pets. Veterinary drugs are compounded in a licensed company by the pharmacist or technician with proper qualification and experience. Veterinary drugs are compounded based on Doctors prescription, and to meet the specific needs of specific patients.

<strong><u>It´s Regulation</u></strong>

The regulation of veterinary compounding is done by both the governments, federal government (Food and Drug Administration/FDA) and state governments. Drug compounding is an essential part of veterinary compounding, and should be carried out by specialized and certified pharmacists under the experienced practitioner of veterinary compounding.

<b>Benefits of Veterinary Compounding</b>

Compounding of drug in the field of Veterinary medicine is like bliss to us. Compounding companies and pharmacists help people to medicate their pet with care. Pharmacists take all the drugs and mixture those in a proper proportion as to come up with a proper solution to the patients, like with a flavor added liquid to make it easy for intake of pets with no pain

In the formulation of compounded medication companies use high level of technologies so that the proper concentration of drug in proper proportion could meet with accuracy. In traditional manual methods maintaining proper proportion were impossible but now is possible with the use of latest technologies.

<u>Requirements for ordering a compounded medicine</u>

A valid doctor´s prescription is required for compounding of medicine. The prescription can fax, email or post or can be given in person to the compounding pharmacist company.

<u><b>When compounding of medication could be considered as illegal or unethical?  </b></u>

Under the circumstance of the activity could be termed an Illegal or unethical by FDA´s which are as follows:

Using the equipment´s for <a href=""></a> the production of medication produce in large quantities (compounding could be done for individual patient only)

Production of compounded medication in a large <a href="">quantities</a> but is not proposed for use by specific patient, and then re-selling it to veterinarians or animal owners will be unethical.
What we offer?

We offer compounding of medication with a variety of flavors added to it. Our pharmacists are well qualified and hold an extensive training, experience in veterinary compounding and are fully equipped with the latest technology to meet the requirements of patients in an effective manner.