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Buying a Rental Car-A Convenient Way to purchase car by saving money

por Stepanie Moncrieff (13-01-2019)

Travelers who have flown to their destination and who require automobile transportation can rent cars from a variety of companies, most of which are located conveniently near airports or major metropolitan areas. The articles included herein relate to car rentals. Rental cars typically come with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty, and Enterprise and Hertz also tack on a 12-month/12,000 mile limited power train warranty.

Purchasing a rental car may be a great way to save money on purchasing a late model used vehicle.

Rental cars must be reliable for the people who rent them. A rental car agency cannot afford to have cars they have rented to people break down on the road. For this reasons, every rental car owned by a quality rental agency is maintained exceptionally well.

After each rental, a car has the engine and transmission checked out thoroughly to ensure all the power train mechanics indicate proper operation. Any strange noises or problems indicated are immediately repaired.

Periodic maintenance such as oil changes, transmission fluid changes, windshield wiper fluid fills, radiator flush and fill, antifreeze checks, windshield wiper blades, and belt change-outs are performed as specified by the car manufacturer.

Frequently, private individuals do not perform periodic maintenance on a regular basis resulting in unnecessary engine and transmission wear and tear which ends up causing expensive mechanical problems later on. All too often individuals fail to change oil, skip radiator flushes, and pulsa online never service the transmission at all.

So, when buying a rental car, you can rest assured that maintenance has been performed as needed. You can ask to see the records of all the maintenance on the car you are considering and the agency should be happy to provide these for you.

Exterior Maintenance on Rental Cars

If you are thinking of buying a rental car, you will probably find the paint in near-perfect condition. Rental agents can't expect people to rent cars with lots of scratches, sun faded paint jobs, dents, and other exterior issues. They must repair or recondition any exterior damages to make the car they provide to clients look as close to brand new as possible. You can benefit from this maintenance if you decided to purchase a previously rented vehicle for your own transportation.

Pros of Buying a Rental Car

There are some big benefits when you buy a rental car versus a dealer vehicle or a private sale. Here are a few:

Price is the biggest benefit. For the car, year, and mileage you are getting, the price is well below "street value."

The vehicles are usually one or two model years back, so you get the latest features and safety equipment.

Some rental programs let you try out the car for several days before you make the decision to buy. This is a good chunk of time to get a "feel" for the practicality of the vehicle and get it inspected by a mechanic.

Less hassle, usually, then trying to deal with a private sale, since the company takes care of your paperwork, title, loans, etc.

You usually get a short-term warranty or a money-back period to fix problems that become immediately apparent or if you change your mind.

The rental company follows the manufacturer's recommended service schedule, and you can expect that they fix all problems as soon as they come up (after all, a broken car can't be rented). Hertz, in particular, apparently only sells the "cream of the crop" from their fleet-cars that have not had any major work done.

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